Grind and Brew Coffee Maker – Reviews and Comparisons

great deals on a grind and brew coffee makerAre you looking for a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker that will help you save time but still make a fantastic cup of delicious coffee?

Are you confused and frustrated by all the options and not sure which ones are actually worthwhile?

Shopping online can sometimes be a pain in butt, especially when there are so many options and its hard to know who to believe and trust.

This blog was designed to help you with those exact issues!

I am a coffee fanatic… not that I drink a lot of coffee but I am VERY picky about the couple of cups of coffee I do have every day. What that means for you is I take this topic very serious and understand that a cup of coffee is something that is meant to be fully enjoyed and a bad coffee maker can mean a bad cup of coffee!

I have put this blog together to ensure that you get the information you need to ensure you are able to make the best decision when shopping for your own Grind and Brew Coffee Maker, so you can make the best cup of coffee possible!

Did you know that the term “Grind and Brew Coffee Maker” is actually a trademark of coffee machines from Cuisinart (which also happens to be the maker of my favorite machine the “Cuisinart DGB-900BC ” which you can check out for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

These coffee makers are great options for a lot of people and here are some details that will help you decide if a Grind and Brew coffee maker is the one for you.

First you need to understand that there is no one size when it comes to a coffee maker with grinder, they usually are designed for big servings and are a fantastic coffee maker for you if you need to often make a lot of cups of coffee.

Even thought most types of a Grind and Brew coffee makers do make up to 12 servings in a single brewing, a lot of them have an option to make as little as  1 to 2 cups as well.

Most coffee maker grinder combination‘s also have programmable features.

The features that I recommend you highly consider are:

  1. Coffee Maker Grinder Combination24-hour fully programmable
  2. Double-wall insulated thermal carafe
  3. Built-in automatic burr grinder
  4. Strength selector
  5. 8-ounce bean hopper
  6. Capacity of 2 to 12 cups
  7. Built-in water filter
  8. Auto shut-off
  9. Built-in grinder
  10. Pause-and-serve function

If you want a grind and brew coffee maker that has all these features PLUS a great price… then I urge you to check out the Cuisinart DGB 900 BC.

This is truly my favorite and it even has a fantastic 3 year warranty… and because it is a Cuisinart, you know it will make a great cup of coffee.

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